The Great Wild Indoors, 52 Media

Within the quiet confines of your home, wild things are afoot. The great struggle to survive, the drama of life and death, the cold calculation of the hunter and the anxiety of the hunted – it goes on all around you. In the Great Indoors, every corner is a potential lair, every carpet a dense forest, and the wide spaces of your kitchen, an open savannah where the food is abundant but so is the danger.

Welcome to the indoor biome: a world of insects and arachnids as rich, as surprising, and as beautiful as any other ecosystem. No matter how clean or tidy it may be, your home teems with wild life.

A number of creatures fly in and get trapped; others may enter to dine and dash, but some will be found nowhere else but safe and sound at home in your home. So when you trap that house spider and decide to set it free outside, you may in fact be dooming it to death in a world it's never known.

Michelle Trautwein, Misha Leong and Matt Bertone are among the first scientists to begin exploring the creatures of this wild indoor world, to find out who they are, how they've adapted to live with us, and how our lives intersect. So far, they’ve travelled the world for “indoor expeditions” on four continents, but this is their first time in Canada. Here, they will explore every crack and crevice of the Vettese family house in Toronto, seeking to reveal the mysteries of the indoor biome.

THE GREAT WILD INDOORS, the wildlife documentary that never goes outside, is directed and written by Roberto Verdecchia, and produced by 52 Media Inc.

Written and Directed by: Roberto Verdecchia
Producer: Bryn Hughes
Executive Producer: David York
Editor: Daniel Sadler
Director of Photography: Derek Rogers
Music: TTG Music

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