Stuck (Season II) is a 13 x ½ hour series that follows a group of diverse women, ages 23 -52, who have decided to get “unstuck”... to get their lives back. For all of them, fitness goals are the immediate symbol of their desire to reclaim their lives. All have tried to go it alone, but none have seen them through. The barriers have been as diverse as the women themselves. One is a young woman struggling to break free of the demands of her cultural background and achieve a confident, independent life. Another is a former fitness model and mother of two who fears that she has “let herself go” and worries that she won’t ever be in shape again. For another, it’s about overcoming a history of eating disorders. One of the women has long held emotional issues that have affected her health and diet in very negative ways. And for the eldest woman in the group, it’s all about being fed up with a life long pattern of always putting herself - and her health - last.

All of these women share a common goal - to achieve overall fitness and wellness through a commitment to a fitness program, a healthy diet, and to also have some fun along the way. Through this experience, they women regain their confidence, energy and control over their lives. Together they learn new skills, develop teamwork and discover a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained for the rest of their lives.

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